Albuquerque is a action dark comedy-drama animated TV show airing on Adult Swim. It is a darker take on the Looney Tunes character and Bugs Bunny's foe Elmer Fudd.


In an adult-oriented version of the Looney Tunes world, it follows the story of Elmer Fudd who wants revenge on the assassin Bugs "The Bunny" Harrintoff for killing his wife.



  • Elmer Fudd (voiced by Billy West) - the main character and a former poacher.
  • Arnold "Tweety" Byrd (voiced by Khary Payton) - a bartender at Porky's and a childhood friend of Elmer.
  • Foghorn Leghorn and George "Barnyard" Dawg (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - an African gambler and his friend that own a farm.


  • Samuel Michael "Yosemite Sam" Rosenbaum (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - a gambler that can get angry.
  • Percy "Porky" Pig (voiced by TBD) - the troubled owner of Porky's.
  • Penelope Malone (voiced by TBD) - Sylvester's twin sister who disagrees with his brother's crime life.
  • Wile E. "Coyote" Taylor (voiced by TBD) - a scientist trying to find a way to cure a problem.
  • Petunia Pig (voiced by TBD) - Porky's fiancée.
  • Peter "Pinky" Adams and Ben "The Brain" Johnson (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - two crime anaylists that help Elmer sometimes.
  • Chief Otto Scratchansniff (voiced by TBD) - the chief of the police department.


  • Bugs "The Bunny" Harrintoff (voiced by Nolan North) - a trained assassin and the one that killed Elmer's wife.
  • Louise Ann "Lola" Harrintoff (voiced by TBD) - Bugs's wife who is even more psycopath than him.
  • Buster and Barbara Ann "Babs" Harintoff (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - a robber duo that are unrelated to Bugs and Lola and to each other.
  • Sylvester "The Pussycat" Malone (voiced by TBD) - a crime boss that is known to be ruthless at times. He has a severe hate towards Elmer and Tweety.
    • Perrin "Pepé/Le Pew" Pelissier (voiced by TBD) - Penelope's former boyfriend who was forced to broke up with her to join Sylvester's gang.
    • Danford "Daffy/The Duck" Dodgers (voiced by TBD) - a assassin that was once Bugs' friend, but betrayed him. He now works to Sylvester as his personal assassin.
    • Rita Malone (voiced by TBD) - Sylvester's younger sister and his second-in-command.
    • Ronald "Runt" Malone (voiced by TBD) - Sylvester's adopted brother and Rita's partner.
    • Adrian "The Road Runner" Jackson (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Marvin "the Martian" (voiced by TBD) - a hobo that believes he is an alien who tries to take over Earth.
  • Jack "Yakko", William "Wakko" and Dorothy "Dot" Warner (voiced by Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille, respectively) - a trio of assassins that joke around before their murder.
  • Joline "Hello Nurse" Scratchansniff (voiced by TBD) - the daughter of the aging Otto who turned to murder and serial killing.


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  • The animals are reimaginated as humans.
  • The title is a joke on the famous Bugs Bunny quote "I knew I should take that left turn in Albuquerque".
  • Some people reprise their roles, some don't.
  • Lola's full name is a reference to her Tiny Toon Adventures counterpart Babs Bunny.
  • Daffy's surname is an obvious reference to Duck Dodgers.
  • The episodes are spelled like Elmer is saying it.